Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

This year marks a first.  The first time since 2009 that Marissa was a Disney character/Princess.  That last few years she wouldn't consider anything princess related but this year, thanks to her friend being Anna, she chose to be Elsa.  She looked perfect!

Gianna still wants nothing to do with anything princess anymore, but now I have hope that she might turn that around.  However, the name of the costume she chose is "Arctic Princess", so we'll see where that goes.  She wanted to "zombie-fy" it with creepy makeup but settled for some black stitches on her face.


We had a big group going out this year, mostly Marissa's friends, but they were so fun and easy that I didn't mind.  My only problem was losing my voice due to not feeling that great.  I ended up not getting a lot of pictures that I had planned on, which bums me out more.  The good part was it was Friday, and they ended up with lots of CANDY! 

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