Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Backyard Findings

Life with the puppies has opened my eyes to our backyard a lot more lately. 

The other day I found the dogs fighting over this feather. Emma was fiercely protective over it. Not sure what bird it comes from but I'd have to guess a hawk, since they're always flying around. 

Then another day I spotted a lump of something laying in the yard. No idea what it could be, I went out to find it was a dead bird (pigeon or dove). Somehow the dogs weren't going near it and I had to dispose of it, freaking out the entire time, hoping it wouldn't wake up and attack me. (No picture that time.)

Tonight the dogs were outside again, and all but Piper had come inside. I called her a few times but didn't see her until I went out. It was starting to get dark and the lights didn't go on until I went out and saw her wrestling with a dead squirrel. 

Now I'm pretty sure she did not kill it. I've seen her "hunt" squirrels before but they're too quick for her.  I think a hawk killed it and it fell either from its claws or it died somehow in the trees above and the wind knocked it down. Who knows?? All I do know is Joe wasn't home and I couldn't leave it there since the dogs would be going back out again. I, very squimishly, got the pooper scooper and got it in a bag to get rid of. Again, thinking this thing was messing with me and would wake up and attack me! 

Next time Joe better be home to dispose of things!! 

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