Monday, June 23, 2014

She Is Ten!

Today my little girl enters double digits.  Gianna is officially TEN!  She's hit the tween years hard already.

Here are TEN things about Gianna.

1.  Her favorite color is green.
2.  Her favorite foods are Hot Wings (from Outback) and Cinnabon.
3.  She loves to read magazines.
4.  She loves playing Minecraft.
5.  She loves to listen to music.  Her favorite artists are Selena Gomez, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift.
6.  She loves riding her bike.
7.  She is very independent.
8.  Her favorite book series is the Dork Diaries.
9.  She loves thrill rides.  The faster the better!
10.  Her favorite Disney character is Goofy.

Wishing my baby girl (who isn't a baby) the happiest of birthdays!

Love you G!

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