Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Project Life 2013 Week: Forty-Nine

Nothing like December in June!  December is such a full month (I'm sure it's the same everywhere).

I think having so many pictures to go through makes me even more of a procrastinator.  I tend to get overwhelmed and don't want to do since it'll take FOREVER! (Said like a 4 year old.)

Once I get moving and see it coming along, I realize there's nothing to complain about and wonder why it took me so long to begin with. Sometimes I just need a good swift kick!

I did simplify all my Elf on the Shelf pics with inserts.  Trimmed down a page protector and used washi tape for an edge.  Not super crazy about it but it's done.

So happy to be almost done sharing 2013.  I've had it done for a while but now it seems like the never ending year!

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