Monday, June 30, 2014

Mondays Are Mean!

Especially the day after vacation!!

Mondays don't usually bother me too much but today was tough.  I had to go to work a lot longer than my normal day and it's standing all day long. I'm feeling it.  Doesn't help that afterwards I went food shopping since the cupboards were BARE!  Well mostly just the fridge, but whatever. 

It was also hard leaving the puppies after picking them up late last night and not getting enough quality time with them.  I've missed those sweet, little faces!! 

All day at work, I thought about Disney, and the puppies. My kids too. Can't forget them!! LOL! They've reached the age, where they just don't want to pose for pictures anymore. I don't have many pics with them from our trip. It breaks my heart, and I tried all sorts of Mothers guilt to get them in the shot but it didn't always work. 

Since coming home, I've made the puppies a fresh batch of treats, and started tackling the mountain of laundry.  I'm hoping to relax a little in my scrap room tonight, even if all I do is print pics.  I need to catch up on ProjectLife so bad and I'm feel the pressure.  Yes the pressure is just from the craziness inside my head but after the last Disney trip taking so long to get through, I'm afraid how long this trip will take me to do! 

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