Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Project Life 2013 Week Thirty-Three

Week 33 was a busy week, not in an exciting way by far. Just cleaning and purging and getting ready sort of busy things.

This week I tackled a room in the basement that we couldn't walk through anymore. Lots of "just put it downstairs" sort of stuff. Know what eventually happens to that stuff? The light bulb comes on and it gets donated to Goodwill. I admit to not parting with some things out of sentimentality but others should have gotten dumped long ago! 

I also finished working on my 2011 project life album that I decided to do on a whim. It made me backed up on this years album before vacation but I'm glad it got done. Lots of finishing up projects happened this week....and cleaning. Can't escape that! 

It's been crazy busy around here lately. I've been working more hours by Joe's office since he broke his right hand and needs help (it's his dominant hand). He also left yesterday for a convention in ORLANDO! I told him he needs to visit Disney and bring back souvenirs! LOL! I wasn't happy about his going with a broken hand but it was important for him to go. Can't wait for the year when we get to go too! School gets in the way of all the fun! 

Hoping to clear out more of the basement so we can pull out the Christmas decorations already. I had Marissa look in the crawl space for the Thanksgiving stuff and she couldn't find it. I accepted it and I'm ready to move forward with Christmas. It takes me so long to decorate and this year I believe it won't be any easier with the puppies so I want a head start. I just won't get much help from Joe with his hand broken. Oh well. Bring it on!

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