Friday, November 15, 2013

Always Remembered

November is not my favorite month.  It's a crazy time of year around here but the sinker for me is the day we lost my Dad to lung cancer.

It was 19 years ago today when he lost his fight.  He had so much to live for, but his body couldn't handle the pain anymore.  He was 55 when he died.  Way too young to leave my mom with 4 kids.  He never got to meet his 7 amazing grandchildren.  

My Dad was a fun loving, yet stern type of man.  He loved his girls more than anything, and we adored him.  

This picture is so typical of him. He's got my younger sisters (they're twins) in his lap and I'm holding on behind him on a lawn mower.  Looking back now that is so unsafe but it was his way of having fun with us.  He would have loved all his grandchildren just as much and made sure to have fun with them.

Missing you Daddy.  Loving you always.

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