Saturday, July 20, 2013

Project Life 2013 Week: TWENTY-THREE

Had to miss posting this yesterday due to some technical difficulties.  Namely, I found the reason why my computer was acting funny.  It was infected with BUGS.  Joe ran Maelware (sp) and found some funky stuff on my computer. I blame the kids that "HAVE" to use MY computer instead of THEIRS. *&*^%$$@#!!
Luckily, Joe came to my rescue and solved one of my many problems.  He's my hero.

Week 23 was very Purple heavy. Namely because I love it, and also it was our Anniversary week.  Work with me.


Crappy pics still, but as good as it gets since I don't want to abandon my neglected blog.  If it's not obvious, we've been married 14 years this year.

I sort of lost the purple on the right side of the week, but gave it one last try with the stitched heart.  I saw that on AJMcGarvey's Instagram and knew I wanted to try it.  It looks blue but it's purple.

A closer look at the heart....

So, as I type this, I am done with Week 28.  Yep, I'm caught up!!  Just not on the sharing, but hey that's life!  ANY-WOO, I am contemplating doing Project Life for 2011.  TWENTY ELEVEN!!  WHY?? I don't know exactly.  I was looking through some pics the other night, and realized I almost have a pic everyday for 2011, I could do it more on a monthly basis for when I have gaps....It's something I just might try....but only if I kept it simple??  Not sure.  Like I said, I'm thinking about it.  I'm just afraid I would fall too far behind or it would drive me nuts if I started it, then not finish it.... I would really like to get some mojo to scrap a layout but only seem to have the mojo when I can't scrap.  Story of my life. 

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