Friday, March 29, 2013

Sassy Slider

Awhile ago I made plans to scrap these pictures. I had a sketch with notes and everything, but never printed the pictures. Recently, I came across my sketch and notes and decided to print these out. I was inspired. Love that burst of inspiration!

I ended up printing a lot more pictures than I originally intended but I went with it.  I reached for my Echo Park Papers again, this time using the Summer Days collection.  Again I mostly used the "B" side, the colors were great!  BTW-the white border is just what I laid the layout on to take pics, not part of the layout.... 

Using my Cameo, I made the title with the Billabong font.  The layout itself is pretty basic.  I didn't embellish it too much, especially since there were so many pics on it (12!).

Gianna was about 4 in these pics.  She's always been sassy!  There's just something about her....she knows how to work the sass!

Back then the girls didn't mind posing for the camera.  Nowadays, they duck and hide!  **sigh**  I've resorted to becoming a photo ninja!

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