Monday, March 18, 2013

Randomness Lately

Lately I've been so random with things.

I'll start some spring cleaning and get a project accomplished then not do another for awhile. I should move right along to the next project but I tend to lose steam.

I've been on a purge kick lately. I've been gathering things from my closet or from the girls playroom, to take to Goodwill. I would LOVE to purge Joe's side of the closet but I know I'll get rid of something he doesn't want to part with. I just might go ahead one day since he refuses to purge with me....I'll be gentle and maybe make a pile for him to go through... ;)  I did accomplish one storage closet, that makes me feel better!

BEFORE                                         AFTER
Same with scrapping. I catch up on Project Life, then I scrap some 12x12 LO's. Which I need to retake pics of since the weathers been mostly cruddy here lately, my pics have been cruddy.

The other night as I was working on PL I was making another sequin pocket for my birthday insert. I included my new age and though I swear it doesn't bother me, as I look at the pic I shared on Instagram, I find it weird. Am I really just one year away from 40?? I swear I feel like I was just in high school not that long ago....where did the time go??

On that note, Marissa just had another orthodontist appt. She's almost had her braces on a year. She'll be TWELVE in May. Shes almost as tall as i am. She wears a size 8 ladies shoe. And did i mention she's almost 12?? How do I have a girl that big??

I've been exercising on my bike in the basement pretty regularly. I don't see any change on the scale which is discouraging. I've had times where I lose the motivation to workout entirely and stop for a week or two. Then I get mad and get moving again. I just want to see some results. (Whining)

It's snowing again as I type this. It's going to turn to rain by the end of the night but seriously, I am OVER it all already!! Where is Spring?? I miss my flip flops. I miss going out without a bulky coat. I've told Joe if he could sell his business, the girls and I are ready to move to Florida. I am a warm weather person. I am not meant for this crappy weather we've had in NJ.

With that I'm going to tackle another project!

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