Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New To The Tree 2012

I am an ornament addict.

There I said it.

Every year, as I go around, no matter where the place, if I see an ornament that is "fits" our family, I get it.  I used to get the girls an ornament (or two) every year, sometimes letting them pick their own special ornament, keeping their collection in their own storage tubs.....well those tubs are getting mighty FULL.  In fact we have a bunch of storage tubs that are FULL

This is the first year that I have curbed myself when walking into Hallmark...not that I do much of that anymore thanks to making my own cards.......However, I have bought a few new ornaments to add to our tree.  After all kicking the habit takes time.

I could not resist the cuteness of these owls when I saw them at Hallmark.  The fact that they were about "sisters" sealed the deal....perfect for the girls!  Not that you'd ever see them this close, but ONE day, my friends, one day they will understand the power of sisters.

Found this guy at Michaels. 

He was in my hands in seconds when I found him at Target.

So was this.  Target had me this year!

Ummm, this was a no brainer when I was getting my coffee fix one afternoon.  Love me some Dunkin!

On our last Disney trip, I always have to hit up the Christmas store in Downtown Disney.  I never leave empty handed.  Ever.

Lady & the Tramp is my all time favorite Disney movie.  It's SO romantic!  Joe even proposed to me at Tony's Townsquare Restaurant which is from the movie.  Like I said, SO romantic!!

Unfortunately, every once in awhile, there is a casualty of the season.  This little peppermint glass ball had a close encounter with my floor, but it's OK.  He's served me well. 

The tree is officially finished and in it's place of honor. 

Let's bring on the MERRY!!

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