Sunday, December 16, 2012

Gingerbread House 2012

One of our yearly traditions is to try to build a Gingerbread House together.  This year I let the kids have fun and do it mostly themselves. After a little "building" from Joe....

Except for the roof.  Joe takes over the roofing duties.  Cause it's a "guy-thing".  He's got to make sure the shingles are "just right".

Gianna was running a fever, with a sore throat, & laying like a lump on the couch but we forced her to have fun.  We force our kids to have fun around here.  That's how we roll.

I've got to say this was the quietest house building I have ever witnessed!  It wasn't just quiet but they were (dare I say it??) getting along!!  Oh the power of a sore throat!!  I guess you can say it was a "silent night". ;)

The girls each decorate one side to the house.  This is Marissa with her side....

And Gianna with her side.

This year might be the last year we do one house.  The girls are (normally) a bit competitive and want to do their own.  Gianna looks so miserable but she gave smiling a good attempt.

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