Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve 2012

Christmas Eve is always celebrated at our house.  My family & Joe's dad come over & we exchange presents...after eating of course!

The tree starts out looking so pretty and full of presents.

The spread of food kept everyone full, with plenty of leftovers to keep me from cooking all week. ;)

Before opening presents, we torture the kids and make them pose for pics.  We try telling them it will be over as quickly as possible if they cooperate, but they still complain.  Then it's PRESENT TIME!!!!!!!! 

My nephew Tyler with his pile of presents.

Gianna with her stash.

My niece Nikki and Marissa each with their piles.

Of course we can't call it a night without a sister pic.  My sister Marie, me & my younger sister Connie.  I won't tell you how many pics it took to get a decent pic of us...or photographers!

When the presents are open, the food cleaned up & everyone on their way home, we have one more thing to do before calling it a night.  The girls, dressed in their Christmas PJ's, leave Santa cookies & milk with carrots for the reindeer.  Then they're off to bed to dream of sugar plums.

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