Wednesday, June 29, 2011

School Kits Pre-School 3 Miss G

As burned out as I feel about these school LO's I am determined to get them done & in the albums. This is just the start of Gianna's school years, but with all the ones I've done for Marissa, I'm starting to feel the need to put these aside. Problem is I know if I do I won't go back, so I'm pushing through it, taking my time so I don't feel blah about them. Got that?

This is Gianna when she was 3 in her 1st year of Pre-School. She was so tiny!! I can't get over that she's now going to start SECOND grade in the Fall!!

As always there are 2 LO's for each school year.....

I've been modifying the library pockets that come with the kit a little, but I like that I'm using a lot of the kit. There are a few pieces that never seem to "gel" for me when I try to use them but for the most part the kit is being put to good use. And of course, my QuicKutz dies have been put to good use. The A B C letters are the Diesel Alpha dies. Great set! I get such a good feeling when I put my stash to good use! ;)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Little Nest Update

While getting ready for Gianna's family party I happened to take a peek at the nest (which I do when the mama bird is away.)

I spotted a hatchling!! But squealed like a girl in a horror movie since it looked gooey & gross. Bleh!

Since we were having company over & didn't want my F-I-L disturbing the nest, we covered the window on the door. By the time everyone left the baby bird must've had time to fluff it's downy feathers because this is what I found. Awwww!!!

The next day I spotted another baby bird! But the first birdie didn't look so good...not sure if it survived or not.

Later that day a 3rd little bird hatched, and the 1st bird was gone. Not sure what the mama bird did with it. She took it away somewhere, because it wasn't outside the nest, neither was the eggshell. She's a tidy mama bird.

The next day all 3 birdies were gone as were their eggshells. Just 1 egg remained, but no sign of mama bird. I have a funny feeling she ditched the nest & abandoned the egg. I wonder if she & her mate built a 2nd nest for the hatchlings. Now I've got to deal with the nest. :(

Monday, June 27, 2011

Favorite Things LO

I like making lists.
I like to read about people & what they're into.

So when I saw THIS LO on Laura's blog I got right to it & made this.

I think it's great to have something of ME in our albums that my kids can always look back on & learn or remember things about me.

I kept to the basic design but I flipped it & went with rectangles instead of circles, simply because I don't have any luck with my circle cutter.

I have been really bad lately about using my stash, so I chose some OLD KI Memories papers for this. It's not even funny how much paper I have....the need to purge is building up steam. ;)

FYI--I have several posts in limbo that I need to add pics to before I post them so I will be randomly be adding them over the course of the day. I'm not trying to confuse anyone, just playing catch up. In case you need something to read.... ;)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Gianna's Family Party with LOTS of Cake!!

We had family over today to celebrate Gianna's birthday.

Gianna requested chocolate cake...and sunflowers. So I made this.

I didn't like my sunflowers at all. When I asked Joe for his opinion I got an "it's ok" from him. So I did what any other {insane} mother would do.....

I made another cake!! This time I used vanilla cake, that's how I rationalized it, one chocolate & one vanilla. I free-handed the flower & like it much better. Like I said {{INSANE}}, but I didn't want Gianna to think she was getting an "ok" cake when her sister got a "love it" cake. Yes I know I'm nuts. Turns out Gianna loved them BOTH! But my wish of having a girl happy with her cake was fulfilled.

Gianna is always a ham & not just for the camera. She loves attention...can you tell??? She was telling everyone she was "77"....the knucklehead, and yes my nephew Tyler & her are like partners-in-crime. Currently they're both 7, until Sept. anyway.
See what I mean? Knuckleheads. Love 'em! As long as she's happy, I'm happy...and she looks pretty happy to me!

This is the sort of thing that makes me happy....Love my family!Then of course, it's present time!! Gianna went & built herself a little nest, or throne to open presents on. She just cracks me up.

She got all the things that make a 7 year old girl happy. Play-do, Barbie's, clothes for her American Girl Doll, a Scooter. Yep, happy!
Next is her party with her friends from school & I'll be partied OUT!

Yes this is the never-ending party....

Friday, June 24, 2011

School's OUT & a Birthday Re-Cap

Yesterday was not only Gianna's birthday but it was also the last day of school.
Summer is HERE!

The girls' & I are all so over school already.
The getting up & out the door craziness in the morning.
The homework.
Just done with it all!

So we were all very happy for the last day.

The only downfall was the rain that came down as the kids were getting out. (It's been pretty rainy lately!) Here's Marissa all smiles as she hurries to get cover under my umbrella.

Gianna strutted out all smiles in the shades she got from her teacher.

They had swim class later on & I gave them the option of skipping it so they could take it easy, but they were firm in their wanting to go. That's the great thing about swim class--they LOVE it!! In other activities they've done, they usually don't want to go by the end but swim class is a whole different story!

Marissa's class is first (each class is just 30 mins). She's currently in Level 4 & already passed to move up to Level 5 for the next swim session (every 6 weeks). That's her with her arm in the air.

Then it's Gianna's turn (she' in Level 1 & 2), she's had a phobia of the water for a long time, but she's come a long way from when she first started in March.

When the teacher found out it was her birthday, he takes her out to the middle of the pool so she's facing the other kids & they start to sing "Happy Birthday", but they made it extra fun by splashing her in between every line of the song! To avoid it she stuck her head in the water--too funny! (I videoed it but can't seem to get it to work on here-sorry)

After swimming, the girls showered up & Joe came home early so we could go out to dinner. Birthday Girl chose to eat at Fuddrucker's. Then we came home for cake & presents. (We kept it simple with a quick cupcake)

Me & my girl...

Birthday girl loved her American Girl doll! She has a few "knock-offs", but has always wanted one that looked just like her. She named it "Sophia".

It was a great way to start off the Summer!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Baby is SEVEN!!

A year in pics of my baby.
Whose turning SEVEN today.

I mean wasn't she just in diapers??

This is the day she turned 6. She was just finishing Kindergarten. I was sad to see "5" go.

This pic just captures the true Gianna. She never stands still & is always moving around.
A few years ago she had a mishap in a pool & would never go in beyond the steps unless someone was holding her. This year she got brave & would float around in swimmies & a noodle.

Posing for me after dinner at 1900 Park Fare in the Grand Floridian Hotel at Disney. We love to pass the time in the grand lobby now & then.

Wanting to experience Typhoon Lagoon like a big girl, she wore that life jacket around without complaint. Funny to see her wearing it while playing in the sand.My little princess all dolled up, with a rockin hair do. First day of First Grade.
Marissa took this pic with her camera & it's fun to see how willingly Gianna posed for her. Love the toothless grin!

My little pumpkin.

The supermodel all glammed up for the school Halloween parade.

She looks so stylish.

Another perfect shot of Gianna's personality. She's a bit of a comedian & likes the attention.

She'll pose for me with a little extra flair.

She just makes the most out of every moment.

The snow princess. Doesn't take much to make her content.

My little cookie, helping her Girl Scout troop sell cookies. Isn't she yummy??

Once again getting a make-over on another Disney trip. She loves playing dress-up how ever she can.

She's a joy to be around & I miss her when she's not with me. She's simply a great kid, and she's mine!

Happy 7th Birthday Gianna!

I love you!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Just Read: From This Moment On

First off I want to say how much I love Shania Twain's music.

Next I want to say, stick to what you know best.

I've read a few auto-biographies & usually find them very interesting, especially when it's about someone I like. So I really thought this book was going to be much more intersting than it was. It was written in her own words & she jumped around a lot, & adding things that just weren't needed to the story. I had a hard time reading this & wanted very much to just stop, but I'm no quitter. I pushed through it & now I'm warning others. ;)

In my opinion, find something better to read, or just listen to her music.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Little Nest part 2

Remember THIS post from last year?

Well nothing ever hatched. I was bummed, but it was partly my fault. You see, I told my father-in-law about the nest & in his nosy-ness, he TOUCHED the eggs & nest. I told him he wasn't supposed to touch it but he was all: "it's fine".


My F-I-L is a "master breeder" of pigeons.
Don't laugh.
I'm dead serious.

However he is NOT apparently a "master breeder" of sparrows, or whatever the bird was that built the nest.

So when I spotted another nest this year I was so excited!
And I made the girls pinkie swear, that this was a top secret & to NOT tell Grandpa or they wouldn't see the birds hatch. They agreed.

What's more exciting that the Mama Bird is always sitting on the eggs. See her there in the top diamond on the door? I was in my kitchen taking this so I wouldn't disturb her & zoomed in as close as I could. (it was nightime when I took this pic) But she flew off anyway. So I took the opportunity to take pics of her eggs from inside the door. There are 4 eggs & 1 of them is heavily spotted.

I find myself avoiding the hallway by that front door so I won't scare the mama bird off. Yes, I tiptoe through my house to not disturb a bird. I know how wacky that sounds. ;) I just really want her to stay with her nest & not abandon them again.

This is another shot of the eggs the next day.

Any guesses on what kind of bird they are?

Stay tuned.....

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Did you ever look at a guy & think "He'd make a great dad?" Not everyone would be a great dad, but Joe is one of the great ones.

He goes above & beyond for his little girls. He's the type of guy that will make both pancakes AND waffles if the girls want both on the weekends. He stays home a little later than he should to get them up & going & get their breakfasts ready during the week.When he comes home at night,whether it's before or after dinner, he'll check math homework. No matter how tired or hungry he is.
He's the sort of guy that will give piggyback rides even after a long, hot day of walking the parks while on vacation. He'll also go on rides over & over to make his girls happy.

If the girls are in danger of getting in trouble for not finishing their dinner, he'll "help" them out by eating it for them when I'm distracted. (oh the stories I could tell!!)

He is their knight in shining armor. There's a saying that goes....

"A girl's first love is her Daddy."
So true.

Happy Father's Day Joe!!

Hope all the Dads out there enjoy their day!