Wednesday, June 29, 2011

School Kits Pre-School 3 Miss G

As burned out as I feel about these school LO's I am determined to get them done & in the albums. This is just the start of Gianna's school years, but with all the ones I've done for Marissa, I'm starting to feel the need to put these aside. Problem is I know if I do I won't go back, so I'm pushing through it, taking my time so I don't feel blah about them. Got that?

This is Gianna when she was 3 in her 1st year of Pre-School. She was so tiny!! I can't get over that she's now going to start SECOND grade in the Fall!!

As always there are 2 LO's for each school year.....

I've been modifying the library pockets that come with the kit a little, but I like that I'm using a lot of the kit. There are a few pieces that never seem to "gel" for me when I try to use them but for the most part the kit is being put to good use. And of course, my QuicKutz dies have been put to good use. The A B C letters are the Diesel Alpha dies. Great set! I get such a good feeling when I put my stash to good use! ;)


Kerry McKibbins said...

I know it can get "boring" (did I type that??), but you'll be so happy you scrapped their school pages.
They look great!

Anonymous said...

I wish I had this kit! I'm working on the kids school albums now and have WAY too many pics! I'm still doing Shara-Lyn's school photos from preschool too! These look great!

Valerie said...

I admire your perseverance, Sara. It's so important to document this information and your kids will love you for this. You are inspiring me to get back on track!! I'm so far behind :(