Saturday, June 25, 2011

Gianna's Family Party with LOTS of Cake!!

We had family over today to celebrate Gianna's birthday.

Gianna requested chocolate cake...and sunflowers. So I made this.

I didn't like my sunflowers at all. When I asked Joe for his opinion I got an "it's ok" from him. So I did what any other {insane} mother would do.....

I made another cake!! This time I used vanilla cake, that's how I rationalized it, one chocolate & one vanilla. I free-handed the flower & like it much better. Like I said {{INSANE}}, but I didn't want Gianna to think she was getting an "ok" cake when her sister got a "love it" cake. Yes I know I'm nuts. Turns out Gianna loved them BOTH! But my wish of having a girl happy with her cake was fulfilled.

Gianna is always a ham & not just for the camera. She loves attention...can you tell??? She was telling everyone she was "77"....the knucklehead, and yes my nephew Tyler & her are like partners-in-crime. Currently they're both 7, until Sept. anyway.
See what I mean? Knuckleheads. Love 'em! As long as she's happy, I'm happy...and she looks pretty happy to me!

This is the sort of thing that makes me happy....Love my family!Then of course, it's present time!! Gianna went & built herself a little nest, or throne to open presents on. She just cracks me up.

She got all the things that make a 7 year old girl happy. Play-do, Barbie's, clothes for her American Girl Doll, a Scooter. Yep, happy!
Next is her party with her friends from school & I'll be partied OUT!

Yes this is the never-ending party....

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