Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Baby is SEVEN!!

A year in pics of my baby.
Whose turning SEVEN today.

I mean wasn't she just in diapers??

This is the day she turned 6. She was just finishing Kindergarten. I was sad to see "5" go.

This pic just captures the true Gianna. She never stands still & is always moving around.
A few years ago she had a mishap in a pool & would never go in beyond the steps unless someone was holding her. This year she got brave & would float around in swimmies & a noodle.

Posing for me after dinner at 1900 Park Fare in the Grand Floridian Hotel at Disney. We love to pass the time in the grand lobby now & then.

Wanting to experience Typhoon Lagoon like a big girl, she wore that life jacket around without complaint. Funny to see her wearing it while playing in the sand.My little princess all dolled up, with a rockin hair do. First day of First Grade.
Marissa took this pic with her camera & it's fun to see how willingly Gianna posed for her. Love the toothless grin!

My little pumpkin.

The supermodel all glammed up for the school Halloween parade.

She looks so stylish.

Another perfect shot of Gianna's personality. She's a bit of a comedian & likes the attention.

She'll pose for me with a little extra flair.

She just makes the most out of every moment.

The snow princess. Doesn't take much to make her content.

My little cookie, helping her Girl Scout troop sell cookies. Isn't she yummy??

Once again getting a make-over on another Disney trip. She loves playing dress-up how ever she can.

She's a joy to be around & I miss her when she's not with me. She's simply a great kid, and she's mine!

Happy 7th Birthday Gianna!

I love you!!

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Anonymous said...

Hope she had a great birthday! Love all the pics!