Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Little Nest Update

While getting ready for Gianna's family party I happened to take a peek at the nest (which I do when the mama bird is away.)

I spotted a hatchling!! But squealed like a girl in a horror movie since it looked gooey & gross. Bleh!

Since we were having company over & didn't want my F-I-L disturbing the nest, we covered the window on the door. By the time everyone left the baby bird must've had time to fluff it's downy feathers because this is what I found. Awwww!!!

The next day I spotted another baby bird! But the first birdie didn't look so good...not sure if it survived or not.

Later that day a 3rd little bird hatched, and the 1st bird was gone. Not sure what the mama bird did with it. She took it away somewhere, because it wasn't outside the nest, neither was the eggshell. She's a tidy mama bird.

The next day all 3 birdies were gone as were their eggshells. Just 1 egg remained, but no sign of mama bird. I have a funny feeling she ditched the nest & abandoned the egg. I wonder if she & her mate built a 2nd nest for the hatchlings. Now I've got to deal with the nest. :(

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Anonymous said...

That's too bad that the mother took the babies and then abandoned the last egg!