Friday, June 17, 2011

From Daisies to Brownies

Yes this is my second post of the day...

Went from Hiking to Bridging.

Gianna's Daisy Girl Scouts bridged over to become "Brownies". It was planned to take place at a local park that has a bridge but thanks to the downpour that happened after school it was held at the house of one of the leaders.

The girls came out & read some Girl Scout laws.
Then they went around into the foyer & back out this door to symbolize the "bridging".

Then a different Brownie troop "crossed" them over to become "Brownies".They were all awarded a certificate, Gianna was "Most Inquisitive". So fitting.

They are now "Officially Brownies" & will get new vests next year.

Guess now I should really catch up & sew on the patches she's gotten recently....

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