Monday, October 5, 2009

Think Pink

Last week a package came to the house marked fragile. Not expecting anything I checked where it came from & it said "". I hadn't ordered anything recently (shocking, I know) but when I checked it was addressed to JOE!

This is what I think it is...... I had told him that all I want for Christmas is the Slice & the assorted design cards. He asked me a few questions about it & about a week later I saw the box. It doesn't help that today he asked me which design cards I wanted.

My answer was "All of them.", come on I HAD to say it!!

So he said to make a list of the ones I really wanted in order of importance. This is what I came up with.... (just not in an order)

Basic Shapes 1
Basic Shapes 2
Basic Shapes 3
Studio Essentials
Word Expression Holiday
Spook Alley
Fa La La

Mix & Mingle
Think Pink

Now my question(s) is this....are these the ones I should be asking for??

Are they a "Must Have"??

And the most important question is....

Did I miss any "Important" cards?? **wink wink**


{Susan...Seriously.} said...

i don't have one...but do you have to wait until christmas?? that would kill me!

laura vegas said...

how fun! he's such a great hubby. but did you really NOT open that box? there's no way i could wait. lol!

i love the words and expressions design card. there are 2 of them out now. i really love the just chillin design card ... a little more "teenish", but you could use lots of the designs for the girls. you have a great list there ;)

Carla said...

Yay!! That list is pretty much what I have and they are my favs! I love the noteworthy and fa la la. Just got the studio essentials but haven't tried it yet.
Oh, you forgot Tag Maker and also Laura is right about the Just chillin, its adorable.

Deneen said...

I don't have the slice but I think Laura and Carla are right on there!