Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!!!

It's not the nicest Halloween we've had but at least it's not really cold.

We figured we'd go out early to the apartment complex in town since the weather was iffy. We got our group of friends & hit the streets around 12:30. Not every house was ready for us but the kids got a decent bag of loot. This was our group of kids, Marissa's BFF her brother & his friend.Just the ladies.....Later on we met up aith another of Marissa's friends & her sister (Gianna's BFF).After about 2 hours we headed home for a late lunch before heading out again.

By the time we were ready to go back out it had started to drizzle steadily. It wasn't too bad so we headed out.
Sorta mad at myself for not taking pics before heading out this morning. I had curled Gianna's hair & it looked so "Belle-like"....sigh.....We didn't even finish our block before the rain came down heavier so we just called it quits. It wasn't the greatest Halloween but the kids are still happy with her loot! ;)

Hope everyone had a safe & fun Halloween!!


Carla said...

glad your kids had fun!!! Their costumes are adorable!!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

wow!! that's a lot of trick or treating! i don't even bother curling k's hair-it wouldn't stay curled for anything-unless i spent hours and lots of goop on it...

it drizzled on us, but not enough for us to call it quits. it made it kindof eerie.

Carrie said...

Wow, that's a lot of Trick-or-Treating you guys got in, fun!
You got some really great pictures, all of those leaves on the ground, so Fall, so Halloween! They all had such great costumes on, the girls were adorable! I particularly love the Union Soldier. That's what I wanted to dress up as. ;)
We were rained on too, phooey!