Sunday, October 11, 2009

Apples & a Tooth

Today we went apple picking. We 1st went 2 yrs ago & everyone had a great time. Somehow or another we missed it last year but we made sure to go this year. We went to the same orchard about 45-50 mins away. Sat in some traffic since it was a beautiful day out & everyone must have been out to enjoy it, but it was worth it!
Told them to all take a bite....Me & the apples of my eye!Marissa & her tasty treat.This chickie was really digging her apple.

After we picked our apples we stopped at a diner sort of place for dinner. Never ate there before but the parking lot was full & looked busy. Figuring this could be a "Diner, Drive-In & Dive" sort of place we took a chance. Turned out it was good! Will definately be eating there again!

So, um when we got there & read the menu board, I was telling the girls what their options were. Gianna decided pretty quick (hot dog) but as she told me I noticed her mouth looked different. She LOST her FIRST TOOTH!!

She hadn't even told me it was wiggly so I never thought to be careful with the apples. It must've come out during her afternoon apple, and um she must've ATE it!!! This made me a little sad that my baby wouldn't have her 1st tooth to leave for the tooth fairy under her pillow. Gianna took it with a grain of salt & just said "we'll leave her a note". Easy peasy!!

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