Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Parties

Things have been a bit crazy around here lately. I was trying to co-ordinate with the girls' class mom's for their Halloween parties. I had signed up to do games for Marissa's class & treats for Gianna's class. These drove me crazy!

Number 1, this year the school did away with "sugary treats" & things had to be "healthy". Well everything healthy except for grapes (give or take a few things) Gianna won't eat PLUS I was trying to theme it to Halloween somehow. Finally narrowed it down to popcorn hands (which Gianna would eat ALL the time if I let her). Found the pre-printed gloves at Party City & added the creepy rings to the fingers.
THEN I find out we ARE allowed ONE baked item so Gianna chose brownies. BUT before the party the mix has to be approved by the school nurse to make sure no one in the class is allergic to the ingredients. WOW. It's nothing like when we were kids!! Anyone else go through this sort of thing?

Gianna as Belle from Beauty & the Beast
For Marissa's class I had to come up with games to play, so me & another mom put our heads together for those. I found something that sounded fun & modified it a bit (it involved cooked spaghetti & peeled grapes--ick). There was a lot of prep work but it was well worth it since the kids had so much fun playing it! **patting myself on the back**

Marissa as Pocahantas

Hope everyone has a fun & safe Halloween!!


{Susan...Seriously.} said...

fun, fun, fun!! we don't get to have halloween parties here. such a bummer! i did make mini cupcakes for the pumpkin patch with k's class yesterday, but that was about it.

love the baggies you used-so cute!

laura vegas said...

those popcorn hands are so cool! freaky ... but cool! our schools will only let us bring pre-packaged stuff now. not that they even have parties anymore. but if they do ... no homemade stuff. nothing like spending $10 on not-great packaged cookies. lol!