Friday, August 1, 2014

Things About Me Currently August 2014

Things about me lately...

1. Trying to form a schedule of sorts around here for myself. Been slacking on paperwork and things and need to stay on track. That includes balancing the checkbook, cleaning, and laundry...always laundry.

2. Been struggling to catch up on my Project Life album so I'm not 2 months behind all the time.  Which reminds me that I need to share some pages soon....

3. Currently over doing Project Life since it's taken over all my scrappy time and I miss scrapbooking in 12x12 format. Which doesn't help item #2. 

4. Realizing I have a lot of scrappy supplies and need to use them more. Or do a big sale/purge.

5. Been on a "purge everything" mood since coming back from vacation. Papers, toys, clothes, nothing's safe. 

6.  Not looking forward to the summer ending and school starting back.  The homework struggles are my least favorite.

7. Find myself wishing we lived in Florida. This is a constant wish.  

8. Amazed that we now have 4 adorable puppies! Never thought we'd have one!

9. Feel judged by people too often.  Not a fan of people forcing their opinions on me either.

10.  Still battling the bulge, but I'm seeing changes and it's a great motivator to keep going.

11. Trying to be a better blogger. Realizing I miss writing about the "everyday" stuff and that it doesn't have to be all about scrapbooking. I want to share all of life.

12. Struggling to get to bed earlier so I'm not wiped out by the afternoon, needing a nap.  Being a night owl for so long makes this hard.

So there's some random bits that are floating around in my mind lately. Ready to make some changes, and get things done!


Valerie said...

I can relate to everything on your list, except replace those dogs with cats!! Absolutely dreading back to school - summer went too fast and was just not hot enough for me.
Hang in there Sara - you look fab!

Kimberly G said...

Me too. I've always wanted to live somewhere warm. We went to FL last Oct & decided that I want to move there. Someday in my fantasy world.