Sunday, August 3, 2014

Around The House

Things around our house aren't typically the norm. We are a Disney family and we tend to decorate with Disney. I'm not saying everything is Disney themed by there are touches of it around the house, in some rooms more than others.

On our recent June trip, we picked up some art work and I had some ideas of where to hang it all. Today Joe and I picked out frames and hung them up. I know it's weird but it makes me so happy to get them hung up so we can admire them, and remind us of our trip. 

We added the two frames on the right this trip, loving the tropical feel and how it ties in with the painting on the left. The bottom print reminds us of Riley and Emma even though it's Stitch and Pluto. 

I've long admired these prints on our visits to Disney, and brought them home this time for our kitchen. I love everything about them!

This Tony's sign was a must. We have a long history with this restaurant in the Magic Kingdom. I've always loved the movie Lady and the Tramp that it's themed after, and Joe used the idea to propose to me there. We eat there a few times on each trip. Love it. 

It's the little things that make me happy.

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