Thursday, August 21, 2014

Project Life 2014 Week 6

Looking at week 6 of project life brings us back to winter. It was a COLD winter and with this cooler than normal summer, I'm not ready for more winter. (does that make sense??) 

Nothing out of the ordinary for this week. 

Parts of me doesn't want to keep posting my project life pages anymore. Not that I don't want to share but it's nothing that hadn't been done already. I'm currently stating June but with vacation around the corner I'll be behind even more. Nothing wrong with that really but this has turned into a time consuming project when it should be an easy one. I need to do something about that. Maybe keep it very simple to make catching up more likely to happen?? We'll see, maybe the answer will come to me with the help of an umbrella drink....or two! ;)

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