Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Great Purge of 2014

Since getting back from vacation, I've been trying to catch up on things around the house. The theme is mainly "PURGING". I've been going through things all year long but I've been in high gear lately.

First off, papers. Old receipts from 2010? Tossed. Credit card statements going back to 2004? Shredded. It's ridiculous!! I've made a dent but still have a way to go. 

It's freeing to just toss something. Crazy as it sounds, it makes me happy seeing the garbage can fill up. 

Purge purge PURGE!! 

I'm hoping to get it more under control so I won't have to dedicate so much time to it. Eventually take just one day a week to work on it. Baby steps. 

Might mix things up today and go through my closet too. I'm finding some clothes to be too loose on me (YAY) and refuse to hang onto them. The battle of the bulge has been going in the right direction and I'm a happy girl. 

The outcome of this might get my scrappy mojo moving again. I think the pressure of so much to do around here has the creative side blocked off. I have barely stepped foot in my scrap room this week. 

So the Great Purge of 2014 must continue! 

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