Thursday, July 3, 2014

Good News For The Scrapbook World

When I heard the news about Two Peas closing unexpectedly I was naturally sad to hear about it. Losing a great place to shop, to find inspiration and to connect with people that have the same interests as I do.

Deep down I also selfishly worried about losing my gallery. Over the years I've shared over 500 (?) projects. A good portion of that was before I started blogging so I didn't have them saved anywhere else. 

A few days after the Two Peas announcement, I saw this post on Instagram, (I get a lot of my news on there!!) 

It sounded easy enough but technology is not my friend, so I was skeptical. I kept hearing how easy it was, so I made some time to figure it out. Let me just say, made it easy peasy! It's virtually effortless! All it took was my peanut number and about a half hour to transfer everything. I had started a gallery there years ago but didn't want to have to keep up two galleries, especially after starting the blog. 

Yay for technology! (did I really say that??) LOL!

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