Monday, July 7, 2014

Project Life 2014 Week 1

After so long, I finally get to share my Project Life pages for 2014!! Seems like it took forever....or six months! ;)  I somehow skipped posting this spread before posting week 2...I blame vacation brain. ;)

After the holidays, we're all so burnt out and we don't do anything. I need time to reboot and clear my head from all the craziness, plus we're tired! 

For something so simple, this makes me happy. I added some stickles to the wood veneer I got from Two Peas and that's it! I like sparkles. 

Currently, I'm working on March. Was hoping to be caught up before our trip but life had other ideas. Eventually I'll get caught up again.  I may even do the cover page to the album before the year is over, but I'm not promising!!  LOL!

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