Monday, July 28, 2014

Puppy Number 4!

After all the years of saying no to getting a dog, I never imagined myself with one let alone FOUR, but we did just that. Two weeks ago we brought home Rosie to see how she fit in with our crazy family, and last night, made her officially ours.

I was very hesitant to bond with her, not wanting another puppy, to be honest. Joe was the reason I was playing along. I can't say no to him. If it makes him happy then I'm all for it. 

She has the same father as the other three puppies and actually is a full sister to Piper, sharing the same mother as well. She's just as sweet as Piper too. She loves to her her belly rubbed. 

We couldn't come up with a name for her that we all agreed on either. We originally wanted to call her Claire, but it didn't suit her. Marissa started calling her "no name", until I put a stop to that! Not sure who came up with Rosie (maybe one of my sisters??), but I wasn't sure, being that my first name is Rosaria and my sisters call me Ro. In the end we all liked it and she learned her name very quick. 

I finally did bond with her, how could I not?  She makes me laugh with her head tilt when I talk to her, and she's a love. 

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Jossie Michel said...

aww so sweet! she is adorable! Congrats on your new addition!