Thursday, April 24, 2014

Project Life 2013 Week: Thirty-Six

With the Disney trip taking up so much of the album, I had to start album #3 with Week 36. I haven't done the opening page yet but I have a feeling I'll do it when I get to the closing page. That's how I roll. 

Album three starts with the girls starting school and all of us having Disney withdrawals.

I was using the 4x4 page protectors with the Disney trip and for some reason, that I can't remember now, I continued it for the first half of this week. I do like having the larger pictures to play with and having room for some fun filler cards.

This side brings back the standard page protectors. I sort of want to go back and do parts of this page over but I know I won't. 

Happy to say that I'm currently working on the last week of 2013 and should have it done soon! I hate being so far behind on 2014 already! 

I miss traditional scrapbooking and want to have some sort of balance between it and Project Life. This should be a fun project not an all consuming one. There are days that I don't want to even start 2014, but it won't sit right with me, knowing I have all these supplies and if I just took the year off, there would be a gap in the albums and that would bother me. 

I know, once I catch up, I'll be glad I didn't take the year off. I just gotta get there. 

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