Monday, April 28, 2014

Project Life 2013 Week: Thirty-Eight

Week 38 shows flavors of Fall.  I love taking something and making it my own, like the week cards from a mini-core kit and making it suit my page better.  

Still kept things simple.  

Letter stickers are my latest "must-have".  I've had them for awhile, but have been obsessed using them for my journaling.

I'm trying to remember that even if I think my pages are just "eh", someday, my daughters, or their children will love them.  They will have no idea what the latest trends were and just won't care. I think I hold myself back trying to create something "WOW" for every picture. I need to remember that no one in the future will care if things match perfectly, or if there are embellishments on it. To most people, all they want to know are the stories behind the picture. And that's what I need to care most about.

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