Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl 2014

This year the Super Bowl was held at Giants Stadium (which is what I'll always call it, no matter what they change it to.), which by-the-way, is in NEW JERSEY, not NY. (just clarifying)

We basically are Giants fan so we were disappointed that they did so bad this year.  How amazing would it have been if they went to the Super Bowl in their home stadium??? But no. They blew it. 

Most of us were backing the Broncos, going with Peyton Manning. It would've been cool if they won at the Giants home stadium since the Giants won at theirs. You know, the whole brother thing. Logical, right?? 

Joe went to a friends to watch the game while the girls and I stayed home and watched. Marissa and I were tormented every time the Seahawks scored by Gianna who cheered like a crazy maniac. It was a terrible game. The best part weren't even the commercials, it was Bruno Mars' half time show!! I've always liked his music but man can he put on a show!! 

I managed the pain of watching the game with my awesome chili for dinner. Ate away the pain of a pitiful game, highlight of my night. Sad, just like the game. 

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