Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Script Is In

Everybody seems infatuated with the Studio Calico Script class and since I never seem to finish a class I sign up for, I didn't. Can't lie though, I was intrigued. 

On a recent Michael's trip, I bought a simple pointed paint brush, that's it. I know it's not the class recommended brush but I'm ok with that. Decided to also put my mister Huey's to good use (finally) too. 

I had just finished another week of project life (catching up!!) and cleared a space on my table. 

The first few were iffy, but I kept playing. 

Things got serious after taking this picture, and I brought up my playlist for more things to write.  You could say I am heavily influenced by P!nk's music. Love her!! 

Mixed it up a little with some red too. 

Marissa seemed interested by what I was doing, so I let her have some fun too.

She even let me keep the cards for Project Life! She did great!  Can't wait to use them!

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