Friday, February 21, 2014

Re-Organizing The Scrap Room

Seems like organizing is one of my favorite things to do besides scrapping. Put them together and I'm a happy girl.

While going through a drawer looking for something, I realized I had embellies all over the place.  This just didn't make sense to me and I started moving, merging and purging things.  This was driving me crazy since once I had it started, I HAD to get it done.

These boxes had embellies, from the metal kinds to stickers...don't even start on the amount of embellies in the drawers!!  I decided to be ruthless and purged a lot of things that I'm too ashamed to admit I still had in my possession. 

Of course, I ran out of time and storage boxes.  I **needed** to go to Ikea.

****To Be Continued.......

1 comment:

Laura T. said...

Hope you got your organizing done. That is one big collection of owls.