Monday, February 24, 2014


Thursday, Joe was complaining that he was dizzy and slightly nauseous. My response is always "go to the Dr." I sometimes get lightheaded if I don't eat well or if I'm getting sick so I thought that was happening to him. Friday he complained more about it but and said his left ear felt hot. It was red but I didn't know what it could be. We both thought ear infection. Who knows.

Saturday, he was running errands and noticed as he took a phone call that the sound was off. Like in he couldn't hear anything. He switched ears and it was fine. It finally dawned on him that he couldn't hear anything from his left ear. At all.

Of course, it's the weekend. He went to the clinic on Sunday to get checked out but the Dr didn't say much and told him to see an ENT. 

Yesterday, he went to the ENT that took care of him in May for his nasal problem. They gave him a hearing test, which showed he was completely deaf in his left ear. They gave him prescriptions and scheduled a few procedures, one being an MRI to make sure it wasn't a tumor. Supposedly, it's not a cancerous sort of tumor but regardless there wouldn't be anything they could do. He might be permanently deaf in that ear.

He is worried to say the least. I'm trying to stay calm for him, (I was freaked out worse when he told me tumor but didn't explain it's not a cancerous type-found that part out later) but I'm just upset that he keeps having health issues lately. He works too hard and is such a good person and just doesn't deserve this. 

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