Monday, December 9, 2013

The Halls Have Been Decked!

The last few years I lost a little of my Christmas spirit.

Sad, I know.  

This year, I'm starting to feel it come back. Not sure why, or how, but I'm glad it's back, I have always loved Christmas.

The tree usually takes me the longest to finish and this year was no exception. I tried a new approach and unwrapped all the ornaments into themes on the couch (all Mickey, all Ariel, all Cinderella, etc).  I like to group the themes on the tree so this made things a little faster.  I was also able to figure where I could squeeze in some ornaments I didn't have a lot of.

Usually, I would have some baking, or coffee, family pictures also on the tree but I've always wanted to have another tree (s).  I have a lot of ornaments and could easily do an all "Mickey & friends" tree, an all "Princess" tree, etc.  They wouldn't all be huge trees but I'd be fine with that, this tree is 9 1/2' and it's hard to  reach or adjust the ladder all by myself, I need an Elf!

I did finally finish it on Saturday AND managed to convince Joe to get a second tree!  Not sure what made him change his mind but I'm not complaining. We got a skinny tree for the kitchen area and that's were I hung all the non Disney ornaments.  I have more ornaments I could put on this but it would get crowded quick.  I really like how it came out.

And I even decor rated it in record time! All done in a few hours versus days! It's perfect! 

Now I just have a few odds and ends left to do and the house will be done!  Just in time to tackle all the other things on my list!

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Drama Queens Mum (Kimberly) said...

Very pretty. I love the windows near the 1st tree.