Sunday, December 1, 2013

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Oh yes, it's that time of year again! C H R I S T M A S  T I M E ! Joe is still out of commission with his hand (cast is off but his hand is infected from the metal pins), so this year Marissa and I pulled all the boxes out of the dreaded crawl space. I even went IN the crawl space! Miracles DO happen! 

I plan on downsizing some of these boxes (this doesn't even show everything!) There are a few things that haven't been used in years and some that are unloved.  Purging has been the name of the game this year. The house groans in relief with every load I take to Goodwill. 

I think everyone says a little prayer and holds their breath when they plug in their tree, hoping it all lights up.  We've had good luck with this tree so far, but this year we had some dark spots. We wiggled and flicked some bulbs until I heard about the Light Keeper Pro from someone on Instagram. I told Joe about it and though he was skeptical he went to Target and bought one. The directions are complicated but I cheated and figured it out with Joe's help. It works. Greatest thing ever! (This is before I fixed the lights)

Unfortunately, the tree is my least favorite part to decorate. I love it when it's done but it takes FOREVER!! I'm complaining but I'm not. 

Bring on the M E R R Y!! 

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