Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Project Life 2013 Week: Thirty-Four

This week was a crazy week, getting ready for vacation.  Not a lot of pictures were taken and I shortened the week so it went Mon-Thurs, since we started vacation on Friday. 

I tried making my pictures on the larger side since it was a short week. The "I can do this" ran through my mind repeatedly this week so when I found the graphic on Pinterest, I included that too. 

This side is pretty blah to me but I needed to get it done since I was so far behind. 

And yes I'm still working on the trip pages. It seems never ending but it's been so crazy lately especially these last few weeks. The little time I've spent in my craft room I've been so zoned out. November is my least favorite month ever. Too much to do with the holidays in such a short time, Joe had his surgery in the beginning of the month and I've been helping him at work more, the puppy potty training, Christmas shopping. Just a lot all at once! I guess I'll breathe in January. ;) 

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