Sunday, January 6, 2013

Project Life November 2012

Since the last time I shared my Project Life album, I've pretty much closed up shop around here.  After Thanksgiving, I was in full on "Christmas mode".  It was non-stop.  I've finally managed some play time around New Year's.  The best part?  I had a lot of mojo flowing and finished up my November pages and started December.  I am feeling good about starting PL 2013!

I ended October with the beginning to November so this is the insert that belongs to both that last week and the beginning of November.  It's a lot of "extras" from the hurricane.  Nothing happened to our house thankfully, so there aren't pics of damage, just randomness of what we did while we were without power for 9 days.
Insert Front:

Insert Back:

I even included the newspaper and the People magazine with coverage of the storm.  I liked the idea of having it there and got to use a pocket protector.  I stamped the title for the pocket using Studio Calico alpha stamps. 

I kept things pretty simple like always: Stamps, alpha stickers, & washi.

November's 12 on 12. Almost done with the year!

On this I included the receipt to my Thanksgiving food shopping trip behind the pic with a paper clip.  I knew I'd have more pics that I wanted to include for Thanksgiving so I made a simple fill in card.

Thanksgiving insert front


Plowed through this in no time just wanting to get it done & ready to start December while it was still fresh in my mind.  Pretty basic stuff, really.

So glad to have the time again to be able to play again.  I missed the creativity & I don't like being so behind.  Hoping to catch up quickly so I can start the new year soon!

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Deneen said...

Can't wait to have some time to get back into crafting. I miss it so much. Working full time really puts a crimp in my creativity. Love that you were able to get this all documented though great job :)