Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My Wish For 2013

H A P P Y  N E W  Y E A R!!

Twenty-twelve was an OK year. For the most part it was great actually.

We celebrated Birthdays, Anniversaries, Gianna's Communion, Marissa moving up to Middle School, enjoyed a wonderful Disney vacation, had fun in the sand Down the Jersey Shore, visited the Bronx Zoo, it was all good!

The latter part of 2012 was pretty crappy with Hurricane Sandy leaving thousands without homes and power. Living in the dark for 9 days bothered me a lot (ETA- Thankfully our house is fine and didn't have any damage, since we are in the North Jersey area and not near the shore.  Though plenty of houses in our area had tree damage.). The tragedy for Sandy Hook was gut wrenching. Other people that are greedy beyond words that are only looking out for themselves despite calling themselves "friends".

So my wish for TWENTY-THIRTEEN is peace. Peace and happiness. Freedom. Fun. LOVE always. Good Health.

Lets make 2013 a kick-ass year! What's your wish?

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Kim said...

I didn't know you lived near where Sandy hit. I hope all is going well with recovery & rebuilding. I have enjoyed taking a peek at your blog. Happy New Year!
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