Sunday, January 20, 2013

Project Life December 2012

After starting Project Life in March, almost 3 months late, I sometimes thought I'd never catch up.  Slowly, but surely, I did.  It took a long while, but I managed.  Of course, as things go around here, once the holidays started with Thanksgiving, I basically closed up shop.  I hardly set foot in my scraproom, though I missed it. 

Looking back, the first year I did Project Life, way back when Becky Higgins came out with the very first kit, I somehow fell behind at some point and practically gave up.  Only to tackle it at one point, several months later & complete it.  I did it then, and I did it now.  Only this time, it was just a few weeks later instead of months. 

I'm glad I did the album.  Though to be truthful, at times it took up a lot of time & didn't leave me with a lot of "real" scrapbooking time.  I miss doing 12x12 pages.  I've done a few here & there, but not enough.  I need to find a good groove to do both.

With that all said, here are my December pages.  Used my iPhone to take these pics, since I've been having loading issues with blogger....

I had bought a few different 6x6 Christmas paper pads from Michael's & used them throughout the month.  They made it very festive!  I also hit my stash of embellies a lot for this month.

Had a lot of new ornaments that I wanted to include so I made a flip up card using the instructions from Barbara.

This is my last 12 on 12 insert.  I think this was a fun project to do for 2012.  So happy that I managed to keep it up for the year.  Wish I had done it separately instead of with my PL album but it's done.  I won't be doing it for 2013 though.

I had a lot of pics to include this month, obviously, and used the Design F pages.  It was perfect for them all.

This page I shrunk the week to just a few days since I had a lot to include from Christmas Eve.  I narrowed it all down but still had so many.

I finished the week with Christmas & kept to just a page full of pics.

Since I had a lot of red, white & green the past few weeks I went blue & white for the days afterward. 

We had our annual family Christmas party at my house this year & there were no shortage of pics.  There were so many of us so I included the pics using the Design H pages.  I have to say I had fun with this insert & my favorite part is having everyone listed that was there.  I'm sure as time goes on the details of who's who won't be remembered as well.

Like I said I ended up with a ton of pics so I just labeled them & called it a day.  Very easy!

My last page.  I didn't take a lot of pics New Years Eve.  We basically crash at home just the four of us & relax.  We did go out to eat them came home, watched TV & hung out.  I manged to get everyone to take profile pics & a family shot using my new tripod I got for Christmas.  I think that's going to be a tradition that we'll do every year. 

Kept it pretty simple, over all.  The best part is having it done.  The girls have looked through the books again today which makes me happy.  Now to catch up on January! 


The Picinic Basket said...

Your ability to catch up and do it awesomely is impressive to say the least. I can't wait to see your January pages. Thanks also for the link up. Your flip up is fab!

Anonymous said...

I love your December pages!! Love that you fit SO many pictures into those pages!! Looking at your posts about Project Life and 12 on 12 I got with it for this year. Hoping I can stick with it, especially after the baby gets here. Also, hoping to stick with blogging this year. So far so good on both!! Thanks for the inspiration!!