Friday, October 12, 2012

12 on 12 October

The twelfth of the month seems to come quick lately.  I could swear we just did September!

Gianna always make sure to change the sign when I leave the house.

They always make me wait in the parking lot even though I went through the drive-thru.  What's the point??

Let's get this over with before I talk myself out of doing it.  Not in the mood to workout but when am I??

Had just enough time to start my October Project Life page.  Feels good to be caught up since i started 2 months behind.

Happy Mail!  Love the cover, hope the inside is as inspiring.

Future Pinterest addict.  She's going to be so mad that I instagrammed her! Bonus--she matches my scraproom!

Finished the Lost Hero...again...working on re-reading the series so I can "borrow" the 3rd book from Marissa.

Got Gianna her own album for her scrapbook layouts.  She was so happy!

Joe brought home fresh Cinnabons for the girls...then took them out to dinner, leaving me home alone.  Love that man!!

"Owl" ready for bed.  Comfy, cozy in my pj's since 7pm.

Marissa likes to hide under my scrap table.  She doesn't realize that I am part ninja when it comes to taking pics.  Gotcha!!

Been trying to find a program in my computer so I can print small 2.5x2.5 ish pics on a sheet of paper without it getting cut off.  Bleh.  I need to learn photoshop.

Can you believe just a couple more months until the end of the year??  Some days I think I took on too much doing both 12on12 and Project Life.  Then as I look through the album I realize it's worth it...though I miss doing 12x12 LO's...need to squeeze that in better.

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Crystal said...

Looks like a busy day! Love the cinnamon rolls! MMM!