Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mother/Daughter Scrap Time vs.2

I think every parent wants their child/children to follow in their footsteps in someway.  I've been wanting to scrap with the girls for a long, long time.  Marissa dabbled in it when she was younger, and seemed more interested in it since I got my scraproom.  Gianna never had any interest in it, so I let it go.  I wasn't going to push it on her.  Trying to keep her occupied today without the TV/electronics, I told her to come hang out in my scraproom with me.  When she asked if she could scrap with me I was in HEAVEN!

I let her go through some pics I had already printed that I had extras of and gave her some pointers.  I told her that there is no wrong way to scrap and she could do what made her happy.  She was ok with it all, but when I gave her a box of Halloween embellies you could see the excitement on her face!  All of a sudden she was inspired and excited!

She made this page in record time and rushed off to show Daddy "her scrapbook page".

The next pic she pulled out was Christmas and she was so thrilled when she found some older M & M Jolee's embellies.  She "had" to use them.

She REALLY wanted to use one of the gingerbread house embellies, and found the "perfect" pic to scrap on my computer. 

She thought this Hershey paper was awesome and had fun making this too. (I'm secretly glad that I hung onto this old stuff)

She has her next pic ready to be scrapped and only stopped since it was dinner time.  She told me a day without scrapping is boring.  I couldn't agree more!

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Anonymous said...

That's so great that both girls have gotten into scrapbooking with you! What a great way to spend time together!