Sunday, December 4, 2011

Annual Family Christmas Party

Tonight was our annual family party with my side of the family.

We started planning it last year. Since there's so many of us, trying to come up with a date we can all get together is hard. It's good to plan early!

Everyone brings something to eat, then we hang out, catch up, & enjoy it all. This year it was at my sister, Marie's, house. The kids run around & play, the guys watch TV, the women get the food ready & talk. Lots of talking!

Since there are so many kids we do a Secret Santa for the kids only. The kids think this is the best part!
Getting a group pic of everyone is hard. As it was this pic only shows some of us. Three cousins couldn't make it this year. We had one cousin that left early due to a tired baby,so they missed the pics. We don't seem to get into camera mode until later on. The guys (with the exception of my Uncle), didn't want to get in the pic. The kids, well getting them to cooperate ('specially mine lately) is HARD.

We are 4 of out 8 cousins from 2 brothers. My sister Chet, my cousin Maria, my sister Marie & me.

It was a lot of fun & a great way to start the Christmas season! Next year's party is in the works & I'll be hosting. Can't wait!


Laura T. said...

Great photos. Looks like everyone had a great time. How special to have sisters.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like everyone had a great time! It's so wonderful when family can get together!