Friday, December 16, 2011

5th Grade Holiday Bazaar

Marissa's 5th grade class held a "Holiday Bazaar" this year to raise money for local flood victims.

Each class had a chance to go & shop around for various items & the 5th graders "sold them". The parents were also able to go in & do a little shopping. They had so much to choose from too! They contacted a jeweler to come in & buy unwanted gold from the adults. Another booth sold purses, scarves & misc. The kids had baked goods, as well as handmade cards, ornaments & chocolates.

I went in during Marissa's selling time. Her & her friend Sienna were in charge of selling the chocolates & cards.

Their goal was to raise $2000.00. Know what?? Their class raised over $3000.00!! What a wonderful way to give back to the community! They were, & should be, so proud of themselves! I'm proud of them too, especially my little elf. ;)

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