Thursday, September 17, 2009

Halloween at Disney

Starting in Sept. through Oct., Disney has a "Mickey's Not So Scarey Halloween Party"at night. They close the park to everyone without a wristband & have select rides/attractions open. It's so much fun! People dress up & go "trick-or-treating" throughout the Magic Kingdom. They have a Halloween parade & special Halloween fireworks. I can't even begin to tell you how cool this is!

The closer to Halloween the more often they have the parties but since it was early Sept it was spaced out a bit. The 1st night available was our 1st night there. Knowing we'd be tired we figured we'd go for as long as we could manage & also got tickets for another night so we could really have fun (also in case it rained--Joe's idea).

This post has pics from BOTH nights we went just posted them together so I don't bore people with my endless Disney pics!!

Here we are ready to go the our 1st night there. Yes we were tired but we were ready for some fun! The girls thought I made the perfect witch!!

One of the 1st things we did at the park the 1st day was get the girls their costumes. Marissa wanted to be Pocahontas this year. With her long hair it was a perfect choice for her!
Gianna kept changing her mind between Belle or Cinderella. I nudged her to go with Belle since she's been Cinderella the 1st 3 or so Halloween's of her life! My sister kept it simple & was a little devil. Gianna wasn't liking this at all!This is my "eyebrow" look. If you're on my "list" then you know that this means you're in trouble!! And no it doesn't work on the girls! Sisters!!
Before the parade starts the Headless Horseman gallops down Main Street. LOVE this part!! Some day I'll even get a good pic of him from the opposite side of the street!As we were trick or treating we got to meet a few characters. Alice & the Mad Hatter were some of the 1st characters we saw that night.Mickey as a vampire....he might even be a cuter vampire than Edward!! ;) He was at the dance party they have there. Gianna dancing with Donald. That kid loves to dance!! Marissa would only watch & refused to join in.....probably 'cause we were there! I've walked into a room to see her dancing only to have her freeze like a deer in headlights!! **sigh**Princess Daisy was doing the cha-cha slide......We got our pic taken by Cinderella's coach....This is the 2nd time we went & Chet & I opted not to dress-up....Captain Hook & Mr. Smee from Peter Pan....Gianna did NOT like the pirates at all! Daddy had to protect her....Argh!!Group pic with Aladdin & Princess Jasmine...
The castle during the fireworks....I couldn't narrow down the pics so just bear with me!
They set off so many more fireworks than normal during the Halloween parties. They light up the sky--truly amazing!!
Back at the room, the girls are just thrilled with their loot! No they did NOT eat it all!! Me being the evil mother that I am made them go to bed...but I let them have ONE piece first! ;)


{Susan...Seriously.} said...

what fun!!! and no kidding about the loot!! i so want to go!!

Carrie said...

Oh my goodness SO much fun!! Love the Headless Horseman! All of that candy, my teeth just hurt looking at all of it. :)