Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Disney --Surprise!

When we go to Disney we get a car service to take us to & from the airports since we don't leave the park. I usually ask for a car big enough for 4 people plus 4+ large pieces of luggage. And normally we get a Suburban or a van, great.

This time I took car of the rides for NJ & Joe booked the FL rides. I asked for the normal just stating that we'd have 5 passengers this time & it would be 5+ pieces of luggage. They told me they'd sent an Escalade & quoted me a price, OK. Meanwhile Joe got a deal for the ride that picks us up from the Orlando airport & got us a limo. Great!

We got picked up at 4:15 AM from our house to the airport...and they did send an Escalade only it was a S-T-R-E-T-C-H limo!! Great surprise for such an early ride! And not only that...they charged us no more than they quoted me! YEAH!!

This chickie was SUPER excited to be heading to Disney!We had a good flight down. The girls behaved, but then they were sitting with my sister & not with their evil mother. ;) Joe & I got to sit across from them & we even had an extra seat to stretch out in. Yeah!!

After landing, we find our driver & get our bags. We go outside to the curb & there's this BIG HUGE Van & the driver tells us to get's a PARTY BUS!!! Not what we ordered but it was already paid for & we weren't complaining!!

Specially Joe--he was in his glory surrouned by TV's & he had a comfy captain's chair to relax in. I think he was wishing he could spend the vacation on the bus...ALONE!!

This was a very cool way to start our trip!


{Susan...Seriously.} said...

too funny! you wouldn't hear any complaints out of me, especially starting a trip that early!

Carla said...

woo hoo!! Fancy!!