Friday, September 18, 2009

Disney Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show

Disney isn't all about the parks. There are lots of other fun things to do. Since the girls are both old enough to sit through an 1 hour & 1/2 show we got tickets for the "Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show". It's at the Polynesian Hotel, which is so tropical that you almost feel like you're in, well, the tropics.

When you get there, you receive a lei, & then they usher you over for a family photo. However the lei's were itchy & despite my urging Marissa didn't wear hers for the pic. As soon as the pic was taken the lei's were tossed on my bag & forgotten about.

When you get to your table, it's all ready for you to start eating with a tasty salad, fresh pineapple & sweet bread. I could have made a meal of this alone. Your server brings you drinks, which we all went with something tropical & alcoholic.Even Marissa got a Strawberry Daiquiri...minus the alcohol of course! She thought it was so special that she got a "grown-up" drink!One thing I loved about this trip was that Chet kept taking pics of Joe & I.

Just the two of us.
Makes me happy.

Dinner is served "family style", right after the intro to the was ok, nothing fantastic in our opinion. Then they serve all you-can-eat ribs, roast chicken, rice, veggies & the kids had hot dogs (or mac & cheese) as an option. But honestly, you're not there for the food.
It's all about the show.....
and having a good time....Before the real start of the show they serve dessert & make a production out of the presentation. Believe me that was the best part! I tried it & wanted to scrape my tongue against the pavement--it was nasty!! The show is a little corny when they put on the "farewell" bit of a friend of theirs, but once they start showing you the 5 Polynesian cultures it's amazing!
Eye candy.... he was so built! This was my favorite dance. The woman were so graceful.These guys were fun to watch too! ;)This part was cool. The dancers swung these pom-pom balls on string (sorta like those annoying clackers from the 80's) while dancing & at the end were juggling 4 balls without missing a step. {You might be able to see the balls tied to their waists}
Towards the end of the show, comes out the fire juggler-guy. He was swinging that baton every-which way, even eating the fire! This guy was probably the best part of the show. So so cool!Afterwards we stopped to take some pics on the beach.Marissa took this one....
We all enjoyed the show. And it was a relaxing Disney!!


{Susan...Seriously.} said...

nothing like having your own personal pap to take all your photos!!! sorry the food stunk! gotta be pretty bad if you want to scrape the ground! eek!!

Carla said...

I love luaus!! You guys seriously lived it up on your trip! So glad you guys had fun!