Saturday, September 19, 2009

Disney Fantasia Gardens Mini-Golf

I'm getting a bit burnt out on the Disney pics. I'm sure no one wants to see all the pics I have--I still have to sort through a lot of them!! But since I already had these saved as a post I'm going to share it.

One night after dinner, we surprised the girls by going to Fantasia Gardens Mini-Golf. They are so into mini-golf lately so were thrilled to go. Joe & I have been there before years ago before we were even engaged & had so much fun there! It's cute too--all themed after the Fantasia movie.

Marissa has been on a "no pics" kick lately & has even started being obnoxious by doing things like this. Sadly, this got Gianna upset & she refused to take any more pics. **sigh**

Then we hit the links! My sister Chet had never played mini-golf before so we had LOTS of fun with that!!
Here I am lining up my shot....
Mairssa was determined to get the ball through this hole....She failed but gave it a good shot!!

Still trying.....
Joe was waiting patiently for his turn, by mocking Marissa....yeah we're very competitive!! The trash talk was in full force!!
Recongnize the characters from the movie?
This was a TOUGH hole!! Well, at least for me!! You had to hit the ball uphill while the little mushroom guy was popped up. I gave it a little too much oomph & my ball went flying & got lost! After we searched awhile I gave up & marched back to the counter for another ball, leaving Joe hystericaly laughing!

You see the same thing happened the last time we were here only on another hole. I have never lived it down! And apparently I never will!!! Gianna? She had no problem with this hole...go figure!!
This hole was fun. If you scored a hole in one the brooms holding buckets would spray you with water as you walked underneath....and no there was no other way through to the other side!

Not sure if you can see the water spraying down.....squint if it helps. Last hole--everyone managed this one....especially since it ate your ball! Another fun time at Disney that's not totally "Disney"! LOL!!

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